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Contrasting a web designer and a web publisher

As much as there are so many similarities in the field of work of a web designer and a web publisher, there still exist very distinct differences between the two professions in terms of the courses done by individuals to prepare them for each discipline, the tools they use in their day to day work and the kind of output work by each on a typical day of work.

A web designer uses his/her creativity to come up with appealing web sites, web pages and web page layouts using web building tools to display content in various styles that can be captivating to their audience. A web designer takes courses that are related to web development, styling tools that manipulate text, images, web layouts and web page appearance.

On the other hand, a web publisher is concerned with creating content for the web and uploading the same content to the web thereby keeping websites updated. A web publisher strives to produce authentic and captivating contents for the web which can include text, images and symbols for the prescribed audience. A web publisher takes courses that are related to managing of content for the web i.e. working with web tools used for manipulating, uploading or creating new web content.

In conclusion, a web designer’s work is to create the appearance and feel of the web whereas a web publisher creates and uploads the content on the web.